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Sequoia Blodgett started her career as a creative, directing commercials and music videos for some of the top artists and brands in the Entertainment industry. In May of 2014, she fell ill from a rare diagnosis that affects three out of a million people. Once she recovered, she decided that she wanted to do something within her community, that directly affected others in an inspirational and uplifting way, while still maintaining her creative expertise.

In 2015, she created and launched 7AM, a personal development resource guided by celebrities, influencers and experts, while attending Silicon Valley's, 7-week Entrepreneurship bootcamp, Draper University. This opportunity led to an investment from VC Tim Draper and an advisor role on ABC Family's "Startup U,” a reality series based around the unorthodox, startup ecosystem that Draper University provides. In addition to maintaining her startup, Sequoia is also the Silicon Valley Tech Editor for the media conglomerate Black Enterprise.

4 Programs

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How to Use Technology to Protect and Grow Your Business

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Fundraising from Startup to Scale Up in the Tech Space

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BE Tech Talk: Get Smart about Getting Funded

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