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Pot Goes Public: The Big Business of Marijuana Legalization

Ongoing Studios presents Pot Goes Public, an original video series in time for "420," April 20th, or Marijuana Appreciation Day. The series shows different perspectives on the budding business for legal marijuana featuring exclusive interviews with the emerging industry's key players.


Branson: Why I Would Invest in Pot

Sir Richard Branson explains why he believes in legalization of marijuana and the business case for investing in the industry.

Marijuana Investing: How to Make Money

Christian Groh, co-founder of Privateer Holdings, describes the new economy of marijuana processing and distribution including startups like Leafly, a cannabis strain app.

Pot Prohibition Ends When Wall Street Money Arrives

Oaksterdam University's Dale Sky Jones explains how medical marijuana is just a "softer prohibition" that has Big Pharma licking it's chops.

Cannabis: From Co-op to Billion Dollar Retail Industry

Journalist Peter Hecht, author of Weed Land, shares how a DEA raid on a Santa Cruz marijuana co-op helped launch the "compassionate use" movement and a billion dollar medical cannabis industry.

President Obama, Marijuana, and Shifting Public Opinion

Debra J. Saunders, Columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, Carla Marinucci, Political Reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, and Larry Gerston, Professor of Political Science for San Jose State University, discuss shifting public opinion on legalizing marijuana and where President Obama will land on the issue.

Why Legalizing Marijuana Will Save Eric Holder's Legacy

Former Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown urges Attorney General Eric Holder to broaden his stance on medical marijuana.

Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol vs Little Marijuana

Marijuana investor Christian Groh argues legalizing marijuana is more of threat to big beer companies and that tobacco giant Philip Morris is only in the "addiction business." 

Newsom: California's Ready to Legalize Marijuana in 2016

California's Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom emphasizes how a well-regulated and taxed marijuana industry will keep the drug safer and says the tipping point for California is coming in 2016.

End of Pot Prohibition is a Get Rich Opportunity

Dale Sky Jones, president of Oaksterdam University, argues that the marijuana industry after prohibition will work like wineries and cut back on the "free-for-all."

Leafly: The Yelp for the Marijuana Industry

Christian Groh, co-founder of Privateer Holdings, describes the popularity of Leafly --  a marijuana dispensary and strain review app. Groh explains how big data is helping pot businesses spot trends like consumables.

Privateer: $50M to Invest in Pot Industry

Christian Groh, co-founder of Privateer Holdings, describes the raw numbers at work in the marijuana industry, including patient and popular demand.

Medical Marijuana Hijacked by Profiteers?

Peter Hecht, Weed Land author and journalist for The Sacramento Bee, explains how California's failed Proposition 19 dented the medical marijuana market and caused a statewide crackdown.

The Economics of Marijuana Decriminalization

Drug Policy Alliance director Ethan Nadelmann weighs the costs of the war on drugs in regard to marijuana criminalization. 

Changes in Pot Business: From Patients to Entrepreneurs

Dale Sky Jones, president of Oaksterdam University, describes how bud tenders, growers, and medical marijuana patients are starting to come out of the closet. 

About this series Studios presents an original video series Pot Goes Public. The series provides different perspectives on the business prospects for legal marijuana from key industry players. Programs include exclusive interviews hosted by Michael Montgomery, reporter for The Center for Investigative Reporting and KQED Public Radio, with Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, Privateer Holdings COO Christian Groh, and Dale Sky Jones, president of Oaksterdam University.

As a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, Sir Richard Branson looks for alternatives to the War on Drugs and its fallout. Branson argues legalization in the United States just makes good business sense and would help spur economic activity and tax revenue.

Christian Groh describes the evolution of the pot industry and the opportunities Privateer Holdings has gone after in recent years, including start-ups like Leafly, the "Yelp of Weed." When the Health Canada law passed in April, Privateer Holdings headed North to meet the demand for medical-grade cannabis. The operation will be located in a warehouse on Vancouver Island and will grow an estimated 20,000 pounds of pot in just the first year.

Oaksterdam University president Dale Sky Jones is also a part of the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform and calls for the end of marijuana prohibition. She hopes her home state of California will continue the trend started by Washington and Colorado, support dispensaries and budtenders, and give the country a much-needed attitude adjustment on pot.

So sit back and get ready for the marijuana boom.

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