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Lost Landscapes of San Francisco

Rick Prelinger, a guerrilla archivist who collects the uncollected and makes it accessible, presents San Francisco like you've never seen it before.


length: 01:19:54 | date: 12.17.2013
length: 01:38:40 | date: 12.11.2012
length: 01:25:23 | date: 12.08.2011
length: 01:29:23 | date: 12.16.2010
length: 01:46:55 | date: 12.04.2009
length: 01:35:56 | date: 12.19.2008

About this series

In Rick Prelinger's annual screening of the Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, presented by the Long Now Foundation, you'll see an eclectic montage of rediscovered and rarely-seen film clips showing life, landscapes, labor and leisure in a vanished San Francisco as captured by amateurs, newsreel cameramen and studio filmmakers. His newest film, #8, has just been released. Unfortunately, at least to, his first two films (#1 and #2) have been ... lost.

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