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Marc Kaufman, author of "Mars Up Close: Inside the Curiosity Mission" will provide a mission overview. Carnegie's Andrew Steele will discuss the effort to identify organic material-the building blocks of life- in the desiccated and irradiated Gale Crater. The group will discuss new discoveries.
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Founded in 1902 by Andrew Carnegie, the Carnegie Institution for Science is an endowed, independent, nonprofit institution headquartered in Washington, D.C. Carnegie's intention was for the institution to be home to exceptional individuals—men and women with imagination and extraordinary dedication capable of working at the cutting edge of their fields. Since its inception, Carnegie Science has earned a reputation for world-class, paradigm-shifting scientific research. 

Carnegie Science investigators study space, Earth, and life at campuses on both coasts and in Chile. They are leaders in the fields of plant biology, developmental biology, Earth & planetary science, astronomy, and global ecology. They seek answers to questions about the structure of the universe; the formation of our Solar System and other planetary systems; the transformation of matter under extreme conditions; the origin of life; the effects of climate change; the function of plant, animal, and microbial genomes; and the development of organisms from single-celled eggs to adults. In addition to research, the Institution is invested in increasing public understanding of science through education, outreach, communication, and engagement.

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