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IHH-UCSF Symposium on the Paleo Approach and Functional Medicine

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About this conference

Learn countless evidence-based tips, strategies and secrets to eating healthy, and the latest research from functional medicine about how to eat, move and supplement for improved health. You will understand the power of the keto diet for weight loss and brain health, hear Chris Kresser's new paradigm for adrenal fatigue, see how our conventional wisdom about insulin is being overturned, and much more. Cutting-edge perspectives on functional medicine and nutrition will be shared by the top experts in the world. Don't miss this one of a kind event!

About The Institute for Health and Healing

The Sutter Health Institute for Health and Healing (IHH) is one of the oldest centers for Integrative Medicine in the US. For over 25 years, IHH has provided cutting-edge clinical services and education integrating the best of alternative and conventional therapies.

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