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Entrepreneurs Summit 2017

May 17, 2017 2:00 PM -
May 19, 2017 10:29 PM
This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the BLACK ENTERPRISE Entrepreneurs Summit, which will take place May 17-20, 2017 at the Marriott Marquis Houston.


Wednesday, May 17

4:00 pm CDT Networking Session: Mastering Business Presentations     Watch On-Demand
Learn to deliver business presentations that give you a negotiating edge, close deals, drive sales, and allow you to rise above your competition. Here's your chance to gain stellar advice on the art of selling, leading, connecting, and building trust. You'll gain real-world strategies to efficiently increase positivity, productivity, and profitability for successful results that can be felt companywide.
5:30 pm CDT Uniquely Texas - Houston is Open for Business!     Watch On-Demand
Enjoy a Fireside Chat with Mayor Sylvester Turner and NBA Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Clyde Drexler. In an in-depth two-on-one, the Mayor and the NBA legend discuss why the nation's fourth largest city provides the best environment for black businesses to launch, expand and relocate.

Thursday, May 18

8:30 am CDT What It Takes To Win: Lessons on How to Achieve Your Entrepreneurial Pursuits     Watch On-Demand
Trying to figure out the best way to launch and grow your business? Need guidance to continue your venture despite roadblocks? In this inspirational and instructive talk, Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell shares with you the dedication and action steps needed to succeed in business whether you're engaged in a startup or seeking to advance an established business. He will communicate how to develop a strategic plan, build a network, and apply a tenacious spirit to meet your goals.
9:00 am CDT BE Talk: Innovation and Funding     Watch On-Demand
Learn how to maximize opportunities to secure capital to launch or grow your business from an active angel investor. Like finding the right mate, finding the right investor requires due diligence--understanding turn-ons and turn-offs. Plenty of smart, dedicated, and passionate entrepreneurs with promising viable business ideas have lost out on opportunities or money due to horrible presentations. Bonin Bough, the host of CNBC's Cleveland Hustles, the author of Txt Me, and the self-described "agent provocateur," will share his passion and provide insight on innovation, entrepreneurial endeavors, and early-stage funding. As an award-winning marketing executive, Bough has influenced many innovative global media investments across digital, television, and print.
10:00 am CDT Fundraising from Startup to Scale Up in the Tech Space     Watch On-Demand
Raising capital is one of the most challenging aspects of entrepreneurship. Leading banking experts and entrepreneurs who have secured financing will lead a discussion on traditional and nontraditional capital sources small business owners can tap into. We'll show you how to build a banking relationship and stack the odds in your favor before going to meet with a lending institution.
11:30 am CDT How to Use Technology to Protect and Grow Your Business     Watch On-Demand
As technology in the information age continues to advance, entrepreneurs have to be ready to leverage it - from using it to better understand financial essentials to new and innovative ways to reach customers. Join Nationwide as we discuss ways to make your business more successful through solid financial principles and the use of technology for marketing, branding and customer engagement so that your business can continue to grow profitably.
3:00 pm CDT How to Use The Web to Become a Brand in Demand     Watch On-Demand
You have a website and you're using social media -- and so is everyone else. If you need to know how to leverage your online presence so that your brand and offerings are clearly defined and optimally positioned to attract paying customers to your business, this session is for you. BONUS: Meet the winners of the 2016 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest and pick their brains for their secrets to success. DOUBLE-BONUS: Session attendees will have a chance to win a complimentary registration to the 2017 Black Men Xcel Summit in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida!
5:00 pm CDT Satisfying Your Appetite for Profits in the Food Products Biz     Watch On-Demand
Whether going independent or partnering with a large distributor like Walmart, there is still a huge appetite for new products in the super-competitive food and beverage industry, especially for uniquely branded specialty products. Learn from two Grammy-award winning legends what it takes to get products into the marketplace, on the shelves, and into the hands, mouths-and hearts-of consumers.
6:30 pm CDT Going Up! The Elevator Pitch Competition     Watch On-Demand
You're going to find yourself in an elevator with someone who can change it all for your business. Will you pounce, or let the moment slip? Find out if you have that winning game at BE's exclusive Elevator Pitch competition. By far, our most anticipated and widely popular event of the Summit, entrepreneurs get to bring their best business pitch and go head-to-head with fellow finalists before a panel of judges. A fast-paced and enlightening high stakes competition, it's instructive for participants and observers alike.

Friday, May 19

8:45 am CDT Manifesting Your Destiny and Conquering Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) in Business     Watch On-Demand
Sometimes it haunts you from the back of your mind, on the outskirts of your consciousness. Other times, it's staring you in the face, daring you to back down and give up on pursuing your vision. Every entrepreneur and business owner knows and lives with it: FEAR. Acclaimed author, entrepreneur and actor Hill Harper delivers a powerful talk on how to not only conquer your fears but to harness it as fuel to smash through doubts, blow past your goals, and do whatever it takes to deliver value - and profits - as you lead and grow your business.
9:30 am CDT Fireside Chat: Building a Multibillion Dollar Business from America to Africa and Beyond     Watch On-Demand
With holdings in Nigeria, South Africa, England and the Cayman Islands, Houston-based CAMAC International has set a high standard as a global, diversified company focused on energy exploration and production. Founder and Chairman Kase Lawal led the multi-billion dollar company to the top of the ranks of the nation's largest black-owned business, including earning BLACK ENTERPRISE Company of the Year honors in 2006. Now, his brother, Kamoru Lawal, leads the company as President and CEO. As rapidly changing technological and logistical advances continue to make the world smaller, no entrepreneur who is serious about pursuing opportunity and profits in the global marketplace should miss this candid, eye-opening conversation.
10:40 am CDT Spotting Trends and Opportunities in Tech     Watch On-Demand
A number of major technological developments and trends are having a significant bearing on our everyday lives. Staying informed on the latest trends in small business is crucial to maintaining relevance in the ever-evolving world of commerce. This panel of forward-thinking founders shares how their startups are filling growing niches both here and abroad.
11:45 am CDT Inventors Showcase: Taking Your Big Idea from Concept to Market     Watch On-Demand
In this presentation, Ramon Ray shares from personal experience how solo professionals and growing businesses can build their personal brands and crush their competition. Attendees learn the five (5) key principles it takes to have star power in their local markets and areas of expertise. A strong personal brand ensures YOUR brand is first and foremost in the minds of your target market. While a "corporate brand" is important, it's also essential that business professionals have PERSONAL brands that can complement and enhance their corporate brands. Attendees will leave this insightful, energized, and humorous presentation with specific tools and best practices.
3:15 pm CDT Seeking Your Fortune with a Passion for Fashion     Watch On-Demand
This powerful session is custom designed for established entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners who want to pursue opportunities in the world of fashion. It takes more than a sense of style and a air for design to build a sustainable and protable fashion enterprise to keep up with the latest trends and the demands of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. If you want to understand everything from design and overseas production to sourcing and pricing, you won't want to miss this session with two entrepreneurs who are excelling with design innovation and business savvy.
7:15 pm CDT BE 100s 45th Anniversary Celebration and Awards Gala     Watch On-Demand
For 45 years, BLACK ENTERPRISE has ranked and chronicled the BE 100S - its exclusive listing of the nation's largest black businesses. Join us as we celebrate CEOs who are among the wealthiest and most powerful players in the black business community, for their inspiring achievements.

About this conference

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the BLACK ENTERPRISE Entrepreneurs Summit, which will take place May 17-20, 2017 at the Marriott Marquis Houston. The summit is one of the nation's largest gatherings of entrepreneurs attended by more than 1,000 business leaders. This year's summit highlights include the celebration and awards ceremony honoring the 45th anniversary of the BE 100s-the annual ranking of the nation's largest black businesses with combined revenues over $40 billion.

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